About Emily Harris

Raised in both Georgia and South Carolina, Emily is currently living and working just north of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia.  Emily graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, and concentration in Art History.  Emily always had a love for aesthetics and design, but did not know about her artistic talent until the first studio art class she took in college.  While taking studio and an intro Art History course, she discovered both her love of art and the past behind it.  From there, she changed her major of Interior Design and transitioned into the Art department at GSU.  

    After graduating, she began working with talented local decorative artist Wanda Hodge, learning even more new and interesting techniques and processes.  Her passion for bringing art into the home, whether it be on walls, furniture, fireplaces, etc., as well as fine art, only continued to grow from there.  After working and learning from a veteran for a few years, Emily decided it was time to step out into the decorative art world on her own.  She has had her own business in that realm for a couple years now, and during that time has decided to start using the same techniques and concepts to create her own fine art.  

    “My art is abstract, usually consisting of mixed mediums.  I am constantly inspired by my travels as well as my knowledge of Art History and Old World architecture.  I love to create multiple layers of mediums and colors; something both visual and tactile.  The ancient architecture found all over Europe, to the bright and vibrant, yet seasoned, doors seen in historic cities such as Charleston, all drive the end result of my work.  My desire is to continue creating art that is reminiscent of historic ruins, architecture, and the processes that went into its production, while still adding in my own twist or pop of flare."    -Emily P. Harris